Dear Brethren,

Masonry is a beautiful system of morality veiled in allegories….but when improperly understood, can lead to distortion and destruction of the institution of brotherhood. In an ongoing effort to increase masonic education across the jurisdiction, I would like to offer this first initiative to further align our understanding of Freemasonry and that will improve learning and better enable correct teaching it to others.

The link below gives you access to a “free” book called Symbolical Masonry written by H.L. Haywood – Global Greye Books. It is a riveting and revealing expose on Freemasonry that is bound to capture masonic minds and hearts leading to further exploration. And I encourage you to read the book

I believe Masonic Education Prince Hall Masonry in the State of New York will be much improved by reading such literature. Many thanks to The Committee on Masonic Education, Chairman R.W. S. David Bailey, Boyer 1 for his resourcefulness on matters of masonic education and his long-standing desire to improve the practice of freemasonry.
Please feel free to contact him directly @ 914-946-3330.

Fraternal regards,
Most Worshipful Walter C. King, Jr., Grand Master
CC: R.W. S. David Bailey,