How To Become One?

It has been our custom to never solicit membership for our Masonic Lodges. Our Masonic Families are built on a belief that dedication to service comes from the heart. A person who is seeking membership (a candidate) must ask to join our Fraternity. Freemasonry will then take these men — already good men in our community — and help make them better men.

Each man brings something different into the Fraternity — as different as the types of men who become Masons. However, each shares a core of common beliefs & dreams; each brother believes that, even in a small way, by every one of his actions he helps make his world, his community & himself better.

Freemasonry accepts no one for membership unless he comes of his own free will & accord, having already obtained a favorable impression of our Fraternity.

There are a few other requirements. You must:

• Be a man age 18 or older (although women & younger people can join related groups),

• Believe in a Supreme Being,

• A belief in the immortality of the soul,

• Live a moral and ethical life, and

• Have a strong interest in the Fraternity with a desire to participate in our charities & activities.

An application fee is also required, followed by a background investigation on all applicants.

If you are interested in finding out more about Prince Hall Masonry, we’d love to speak with you.  Please complete and submit the contact information below.

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